Sales Pipelines


Maximize Every Opportunity with Sales Pipelines

Create an efficient, automated pipeline that delivers all the structured lead data you need to drive conversions. Tailor your pipeline stages to your unique sales cycle, lead processes, and fulfillment operations with ease. With an automated workflow, gain a comprehensive overview of your entire sales process. By using enVisionCloud, you ensure every lead is effectively funneled towards improving your bottom line, leaving no opportunity overlooked or wasted.

Gain Clear Insight into Your Sales Cycle

With enVisionCloud, your team gets complete transparency into potential opportunities as leads enter your funnel. Our sales pipelines empower your team to effectively manage and organize leads on arrival, facilitating the identification of any oversights and potential areas for enhancement.


Establish Infinite Pipelines for Seamless Operations

Empower your business with the ability to construct limitless pipelines tailored to specific users, departments, products, or sales representatives, all from one comprehensive dashboard. This centralized approach ensures you and your team can effortlessly track and monitor every stage of the sales journey - from top of the funnel to closed sale. With enVisionCloud, gain the control you need to drive your business forward.

Some of the Funnels included that you can start using right away:

Free Report Funnel

Book a Call Funnel

Ask Me Anything Funnel

On-Demand Webinar Funnel

We Love Referrals Funnels